Treatments That Can Correct Issues With Your Teeth

While we might be headed back into using masks for the time being, it’s the perfect time for a little extra work on your teeth while nobody can see them. Then they can be dazzled by your beautiful teeth when it’s safe to go unmasked once more! There are many treatments which can help your teeth, some more invasive than others. Here are some treatments which can correct issues with your teeth, now, so they’re ready for post pandemic parties!

Whitening Treatments

If you’ve tried old whitening treatments or store-bought ones with less than exciting results, Women’s Health recommends talking to your dentist instead. While some over-the-counter treatments can have results, dentist lead prescription programs tend to have better, longer lasting results, with fewer major headaches (literally). They can also monitor you for the sensitive gums and migraines which can occur with unmonitored treatments.


Old school braces are a thing of the past in many cases! According to Brius, methods that move all teeth simultaneously are more efficient than traditional braces. If you do not have a need for retraining an overbite or underbite, invisible braces might work well for you. They retrain all teeth to the new locations, all at the same time. Yes, moving teeth do still hurt, but less now than with older methods that used intense force to the teeth. Changing your actual skeleton still takes time, but is very effective to create a new grin and make it easier to floss!


If you or your family are prone to cavities, an effective and helpful treatment is to get sealants, especially upon back teeth. Healthline explains that sealants protect your teeth against being eaten by bacteria, which otherwise would cause cavities. They’re a great long term investment, as they prevent 80% of cavities for the first two years after being applied, and 50% the next two. By protecting the enamel, you are making sure your teeth can be great at smiling and biting for decades to come.

Your beautiful smile is such an important part of how you are seen and identified. Its youthfulness and structure can be damaged over time, however. Genetics don’t always give out straight or white teeth, but there are plenty of ways to correct your smile. Make sure to visit your dentist twice a year, and protect your oral health every day!

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