The Biology of Human Attraction (And How to Use it to Your Advantage)

How do you become more attractive to a potential mate? Naturally, the whole thing might seem just a bit intimidating. Indeed, it just might conjure up visions of sweating it out for hours in the gym and counting every single calorie, along with drinking protein shakes and other healthy foods. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. There are a number of subtle, psychological things you can do in order to make yourself more attractive to a potential mate.

Sexual Selectivity

First of all, there is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of flirting. When done right, this practice can help you test the waters without you getting too vulnerable. Of course, the best way to flirt would be to send some subtle signals that you’re into the person you’re talking to. Laughing at jokes, meeting a gaze, and showing enthusiasm are all steps you can take in order to do that.

Obviously, both men and women desire a partner who is confident and who can hold a conversation. Looking halfway decent is not a bad start either. Naturally, in order to start the relationship or to maintain it, each of the parties involved has to do what he or she can to remain desirable and attractive.

Touch and Smell

Women especially can communicate their interest by touch. This would include many different subtle signs, such as a limp wrist as a sign of submission. Men must maintain eye contact, and they should also smell nice (without knocking someone over, of course). Keeping up with your dental hygiene and avoiding bad breath is a good start.

Scary Situations

Don’t do something to terrify or scare someone else. That’s wrong, and also often illegal. What you should do is to be in scary situations together, such as going to a theme park with a lot of roller coasters or being at a scary movie. It’s a classic way of misattributing emotions. Moreover, it is a subtle way to show that you will protect each other and have each other’s trust.

Handbag Proximity

For a lot of women, a handbag or purse is basically an extension of themselves. Thus, if they place this accessory in close proximity to a man, it communicates that they are emotionally attracted to them. Men might also see this as a chance to carry the handbag in a show of affection or helpfulness.

If there is anything to learn about the art of attracting a mate, it would be this: it’s definitely a very subtle business. Keep all of these tips in mind, and you are sure to have a head start in demonstrating your interest to a potential mate. Also keep in mind that having a healthy relationship is based on independence or not being clingy or too attached.

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