Personal Items You Should Be Replacing More Often

You’re careful to only replace disposable items when necessary, and to buy sustainable items whenever possible. You already know that it’s more sustainable to buy quality products and use them longer than to buy less well-made ones and then be forced to fill landfills with plastic waste. But, there are a few things which you probably need to replace more frequently. What are some personal items you should be replacing more often?


Towels are one of the products you know make a difference in the beauty of your home. Towels don’t need to be terribly expensive to be high quality, but having a lovely loft and fluffiness are key to a luxurious bath.  Ideally your towels need to be replaced every two years, but they might need replacement more frequently than this. If they are smelling sour after one or two washes, rather than three or four, and if they can be run over your body without drying up the water, it’s time to check for new towels.



Toothbrushes get yucky pretty quickly, and maybe faster than you think. It’s important to replace them after major illnesses, including Covid, but also including things like strep or mono. You need to replace your toothbrushes when the bristles are frayed, jagged, or jagged. Murfreesboro Family Dentistry recommends making sure your toothbrush has the ADA stamp which guarantees that the American Dental Association has tested the toothbrush design and found it to be useful and protective to teeth.


Kitchen Sponges

Nobody likes a stinky kitchen sponge, and you’ve often wondered when you should replace it. They’re not terribly expensive, and you know it’s important to sterilize them by washing thoroughly and then zapping in the microwave with a little vinegar to kill extra bacteria. Your sponge’s maximum shelf life is about eight weeks, however, so aim to replace them then. There are bamboo sponges which are biodegradable, now, and which are more environmentally friendly. Likewise, Swedish dishcloths have a sponge-like feel, but are laundry washable.


Your home is one where you work hard on several fronts, both to be sustainable and to make sure you are protecting your family from germs which are dangerous. Items which touch skin and help clean are particularly susceptible to needing to be replaced more often. As always, buy quality, sustainable items, and then make sure to replace them on schedule to help protect your health!

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