How to Reduce Issues With Your Wisdom Teeth Later

Most people are familiar with the fact that wisdom teeth can cause you a few issues. However, people may not know how to combat or avoid these issues. These tips can help you avoid wisdom teeth issues and keep your teeth healthy.

Have Them Looked At

When you get to be roughly 16-17 years old, your wisdom teeth will begin coming in. These are an extra set of molars that comes in at the back of your mouth. However, humans normally don’t anatomically have room for these teeth, so they can develop problems. When you reach this age, start asking your dentist to check on your wisdom teeth during your bi-yearly visits. The x-ray photographs they take of your mouth let them see how your wisdom teeth are growing in, and if they might have any problems. The best way to keep your wisdom teeth healthy and help you avoid problems is to make sure your dentist regularly checks them.

Wear a Retainer After Braces

One of the biggest reasons that people typically experience complications surrounding their wisdom teeth is because of overcrowding. Wisdom teeth are in the back of your mouth and can be difficult to clean. They are far more likely to develop infection and other issues than your other teeth. However, if you have had braces, wearing your retainer after treatment can help your wisdom teeth avoid any issues. A retainer can help make room in your jaw for wisdom teeth. Your retainer keeps your teeth in place and makes sure there is proper spacing in your mouth for all of your teeth. Wearing it consistently can help keep your wisdom teeth healthy.

Get Them Removed As Soon As Possible

Your wisdom teeth are nonessential and can lead to more issues than they’re worth. To make absolutely certain that you don’t run into any issues with your wisdom teeth, it’s important to get them removed as soon as possible. Between the ages of 17 and 24 is the recommended age range when it’s best to remove your wisdom teeth. The longer you wait to remove your wisdom teeth, the more painful the procedure will be, and the riskier your wisdom teeth become. Your teeth are still growing when you’re young, so it’s far easier for an oral surgeon to remove them without issues.

Wisdom teeth complications can cause you unnecessary pain and difficulty. Instead of waiting and risking the complications, take proactive steps to avoid these issues. These tips can help you avoid any issues with your wisdom teeth in the future.

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