How to Make Sure Your Baby Develops Healthy Teeth

There are so many things to think about when it comes to raising children. Healthy teeth may be something overlooked at times. But it is so important to start taking care of your baby’s teeth early so they don’t have major dental problems in the future.

Feed Them a Healthy Diet

For younger babies who are breastfed, it is important for the mother to consume a healthy diet so the baby can benefit from the right nutrients. When the baby is old enough to eat solid foods, feed them fruits and vegetables, whole grains, quality dairy products, and lean proteins. This is also a really good way to keep their whole body healthy while helping their teeth. According to Teeth First, eating a healthy diet like this helps your baby get the right vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth. Eliminate foods with lots of added sugars, as these can contribute to cavities.

Take Care of Their Dental Health

According to Showtime Smiles, babies can still develop cavities if you don’t brush their teeth. Even before a baby’s teeth fully grow in you can start a practice and routine of taking care of their dental health. Help wash away harmful bacteria in the mouth by using a washcloth that is clean and damp. When your baby’s teeth do come in, you can use a small amount of toothpaste and brush their teeth. Use only a small amount before the age of two so they don’t swallow as much. You can also bring them to a pediatric dentist to have their teeth checked.  

Limit Bottles and Pacifiers

Sucking can be a soothing mechanism for babies. Some tools we use for soothing can be detrimental to their teeth, mainly bottles and pacifiers (as well as thumb sucking). According to Kids Health, bottles containing anything but water contribute to tooth decay. This can happen especially if you use a bottle before bed and leave it with them. Sugar from juice, milk, or formula are left on the baby’s teeth and can cause tooth decay or cavities. Pacifiers and thumb-sucking are other contributors to tooth problems. Over time they can cause teeth to become crooked, increasing the need for braces later on in life.

Start your baby on a good track by taking care of their teeth when they are young. Feeding them a healthy diet, taking care of their dental health by establishing dental hygiene, and limiting bottles and pacifiers are all great ways to help your child have healthy teeth. Always consult a professional if you have any questions or notice problems.

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