Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Kids’ Diet

Parents influence what their children eat more than they think. Paying attention to their diet is crucial to help promote a strong, healthy body in their young and fragile years. Recognizing that food affects the body and the mind, that unhealthy food can go unnoticed, and that proportions can get out of control will give you the power to positively influence your kids’ diet.

Food Affects the Body and the Mind

The diet of a small infant or toddler affects their development and overall physical health. As they get older food affects their mental sharpness, energy levels, and resistance to illnesses. To function properly from a physical and mental standpoint, you need the right kind of nutrients no matter what stage. If a child lacks calcium, their bones cannot develop strongly, just as iron will affect energy levels. According to UnityPoint Health, recognizing that food plays an integral part in development helps you target specific nutrients your child needs to give them their best future.

Unhealthy Food Can Go Unnoticed

There are numerous foods out in the market that are presented as being nutritious for your children but aren’t. For example, granola bars are so loaded with sugar, some have more calories than a regular candy bar! Fruit snacks are so processed that the original nutrients from fruit are no longer in the tasty snack. Fruit juice also contains high amounts of sugar and calories with little nutritional benefit. According to Stellar Kids, you should limit your children to six to eight ounces of fruit juice a day.

Proportions Can Get Out of Control

Just as your child needs different nutrients as they grow, they also need different proportions at different times in life. For example, when going through puberty a boy will need a lot of protein and a higher calorie diet. However, if not watched closely a child can also develop harmful habits of overeating and not tracking what they consume. According to MaryAnn Jacobsen, introducing mindful eating concepts while they are young will help establish patterns of a healthy relationship with food.

Paying attention to your child’s diet will significantly impact your child’s life in the future. Giving your child satisfying and nourishing eating experiences teaches them the importance of taking care of themselves and the enabling power to do it on their own. Stay active by remembering; food affects the body and the mind, unhealthy food can go unnoticed, and proportions can get out of control.

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