Common Sources of Health Issues That May Require Surgery

There are plenty of inevitabilities that come with being alive. Those commonly referred to are death and taxes, but health problems are another big one. Everyone, no matter how careful they are or how well they take care of themselves, are bound to find themselves facing a health issue or two at some point in time, some of which may require surgery. But what are the common sources of such health issues?


Your tonsils are a part of your body’s immune system. According to Oladoc, you have three pairs of tonsils, located in the areas of the throat and palate. Their location helps keep germs from entering your body through your mouth and nose. They also help kill germs, thanks to the abundance of white blood cells they have. Given all that, it might seem a bit strange to think that your tonsils could be a source of health problems, but they are prone to infections themselves. If you have recurring throat infections or if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, removing them can help alleviate such problems.

Wisdom Teeth

Having your wisdom teeth removed is something of a rite of passage for some people. Goodness knows there are plenty of hilarious videos floating around the internet of people who have had them removed and are coming off of the anesthesia. But why are they removed in the first place? According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, wisdom teeth are holdovers from a time humans had larger jaws. While some people may have jaws that are large enough to keep them, not everyone does. If you don’t have enough room, wisdom teeth can crowd the rest of the teeth, resulting in misalignment and tooth decay.

The Digestive System

According to Verywell Health, your digestive system has a lot of different parts and sections, so it’s no wonder that it could be a common source of problems that require surgery to resolve. Appendicitis is one of the most common problems treated by general surgeons. Problems like GERD, cirrhosis, ulcers, and pancreatitis may also require surgery to resolve. Then there’s gallbladder infections and gallstones, which are also commonly treated through surgery.

Sometimes the best way to resolve a health problem is to have a surgery done. Things like your tonsils, wisdom teeth, and even your digestive system can be the source. Of course, the reality is that every part of your body is capable of breaking down to the point where surgery becomes an appropriate solution. Just do your best to take good care of your body so that your chances of needing it are smaller.

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