3 Important Principles for Staying Healthy

Keeping your body healthy can feel like a hassle, a frustrating “necessary evil” that feels restricting or even exasperating. However, a healthy body is your best vehicle to success in whatever form you are passionate about pursuing! Your physical and mental health should be a priority for your life, in order for you to get exactly where you want to be. Here are a few key principles for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Give Your Body What it Needs

The fuel your body uses will largely determine the amount you are able to do and the quality at which you are able to do it. So, give it the best fuel you can! According to Eat This, Not That, you should look for healthy alternatives and find body-friendly foods that you actually enjoy to replace (or at least reduce) the amount of empty-calorie foods that may make up your current food patterns. High protein, produce, natural fats and lots of water are a good base for an effective diet. Around this, you can determine what foods satisfy your body (not just your cravings) and develop a better understanding of what improves your energy levels. Your water intake and your exercise schedules are also essential “needs” of your body, so find a reasonable and reliable schedule of intake for both of those elements of your physical health!

Practice Prevention

Taking care of your body means taking inventory of the small things that are “off” now so that they don’t develop into major issues later. For example, according to Showtime Smiles, not removing wisdom teeth early can lead to health problems in the future. Being lax in medical checkups can mean missing conditions that will make your life more difficult if unattended to. Basically, take inventory frequently of how your body is feeling and how you are treating it. Seek help from medical professionals to assure that everything is functioning properly, so that you can live as fully and as actively as possible.

Take Care of Your Mind, Too

According to Nystrom Counseling, your mental health actually has a major impact on your physical health, and vice versa. You may have already felt or recognized the downward spiral of a bad mental health day turning into a poor treatment of your body, filling it with junk instead of fuel. Consider implementing mentally uplifting tasks to your routine, like meditation. It has been proven that being in touch with your own thoughts, reasoning with yourself about your goals and evaluating your daily interactions actually improves your overall health as well. Motivate yourself, think good, and feel good.

Give your body good things, make sure it’s functioning well, and treat your mind as good as your body! Provide yourself with the opportunities to achieve all those aspirations you have for your life, by providing yourself with the best vehicle in which to do so.

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