Understanding the Myth of the Lottery Curse

By: Farzin Espahani

Winning the lottery should be the greatest thing in the world, right? After all, suddenly you become rich beyond your wildest dreams and capable of obtaining financial freedom. However, as far too many examples have shown, winning the lottery can often ruin someone’s life, inspiring the idea behind the so-called “lottery curse.” What is the lottery curse, exactly? Here’s a quick look to give you a better understanding.

What Is the Lottery Curse?

The lottery curse is the basic and unfortunate idea that someone’s life can be ruined by having the “good fortune” of winning the lottery. People think it’s cursed because there are many examples of it, as numerous individuals have lost all of their money, their jobs, their futures or even their lives as a result of the sudden influx of money they got from a lottery win.

Sociological Effect of the Lottery

Fundamentally, much of the lottery curse is tied to the idea that people who win don’t have a ton of experience with money. As a result, they aren’t aware of just how many people try to take advantage of the newly rich and naive. Predators, unfortunately, can recognize these people from a mile away, and so they invest sob stories of “get richer quick” schemes designed to separate the newly rich from their good fortune.

Do you think you can just win the lottery and go underground? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are some limits to what the law can do to protect your anonymity if you win the lottery.

Most Common Problems

Unfortunately, there is a common thread among victims of the lottery curse. First, many will spend their money stupidly and ultimately go broke, as they are unaccustomed to having this much money and don’t know how to properly manage it. Second, pushy friends and rude relatives will come out of the woodwork, and try to take advantage of the winner. The third is most frightening: The winner actually gets robbed.

Strangely enough, as you can now see, winning the lottery can ruin someone’s life. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If an individual takes necessary precautions and is smart with their money, they can lead a happy and healthy life. Indeed, it seems that the best thing a lottery winning can do is turn their money over to a professional and hide their identity as much as possible. Doing so can help someone break the lottery curse.

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