How Technology Keeps Teens Safe

You can’t always be with your teenager. Between teens learning to drive and going to work, it’s an impossible task. However, there are several ways that technology can help to ease your mind. From smartphone apps to advanced cars, parents can sit back and relax knowing that there are technological ways to keep kids safe.

Apps and Smartphone Features

It’s no secret that teenagers have cell phones. Through all the constant texting and social media browsing, phones can be an excellent resource for parents to keep tabs on their children. Giving your child a phone allows you to easily reach them with a call or text. New apps are being developed daily that give you some control to know what’s going on. For example, the “Find My iPhone” app allows you to quickly pinpoint the location of your child’s phone. Similarly, Samsung users can download tracking apps through the Google Play Store. Another tracking app that can be useful is Bark. You can easily keep up with your teenager’s texts, emails, and social network activity to ensure they’re being safe. Methods to watch your children from afar are plentiful, so be sure to check them.

Driving Technology

Technology is also advancing in the driving world. Cars are safer now than ever before. Many new vehicles come equipped with rear cameras, automatic braking, and lane-assist to help drivers. According to Boohoff Law, car manufacturers are making it easier for parents to supervise their teen drivers when they aren’t with them. One will mute the speakers until your teen buckles up and some let you access driving reports to help you better monitor your teen’s driving habits. Additionally, some car keys prohibit drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel to prevent distracted driving. For further safety, many cars include GPS services. Not only do these operations provide your teenager with safe routes for travel, but they’re also ideal for knowing accidents and traffic ahead of time. If your car has a radio screen, your child won’t even have to use his or her phone to use their GPS. Navigation shows up directly on the screen to cut down on teenagers holding their phones while driving. Anything that can eliminate distracted driving is a blessing for parents.

Remotely Controlled Security

According to SimpliSafe, parents also have the option to install cameras for consistent home surveillance. Often controlled remotely through the phone, different services can be placed throughout the home. Some work by sending parents alerts when certain events happen, such as the front door opening. You can even get alerts if the thermostat is touched. With cameras, you can watch both live streams and recorded snippets of daily activities in each room. Another typical function is the ability to lock/unlock the doors, control lights, and see if strangers approach the house.

Keeping your kids safe is a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Using technological tools like these can help make it a lot easier. Even if you’re not with them, technology can help you to retain some control over your children. With these tools, you can help to make sure your teen is safe from anywhere in the world.

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