Things in Your Home That Are Making You Sick

Your home is supposed to be a safe haven, a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. However, there are some things in your home that can make you sick without you even realizing it. 

Dust and Pollen

Dust and pollen are common allergens that can make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. They can enter your home through open windows and doors, on your clothing, or even on your pets. Once inside, they can accumulate in your carpets, furniture, and bedding, triggering allergic reactions and respiratory problems. To reduce your exposure to dust and pollen in your home, consider using an air purifier with a HEPA filter. You can also vacuum your carpets and furniture regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Additionally, washing your bedding in hot water once a week can help eliminate dust mites and other allergens.


Pests like rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs can also make you sick. They can carry diseases and trigger allergic reactions, especially in people with asthma or other respiratory problems. While cleaning your home may limit pest infestations, they can’t prevent them entirely. To get rid of them, consider hiring a pest control professional. They can identify the source of the infestation and use safe and effective methods to get rid of the pests. Additionally, make sure to seal any cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior to prevent pests from entering in the first place.


Mold is a common problem in many homes, especially in damp or humid environments. It can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and even infections in some cases. Mold can grow on any surface that is exposed to moisture, including walls, ceilings, and even furniture. To eliminate mold in your home, it’s important to identify and fix the source of the moisture. This might include fixing leaky pipes or improving ventilation in damp areas like bathrooms or basements. You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels in your home. Additionally, if you do find mold in your home, it’s important to have it professionally removed to prevent it from spreading.

There are many things in your home that can make you sick without you even realizing it. Dust and pollen, pests, and mold are just a few examples. By taking steps to eliminate these problems, you can create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for you and your family.
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