Major Public Health Issues Facing the United States Today

Nowadays, Americans have access to all the information they could want. This is particularly true when it comes to information on health issues and how to avoid them. To better understand the health of the American people, there are a few common issues you need to know about.

Heart Disease and Stroke

You might have heard that heart disease is the number one health issue in the United States. Heart disease and stroke are typically the accumulation of years of poor health choices. The largest contributor to heart disease is a poor diet that includes a high sodium and fat intake. If you pair this with a lack of exercise, you will increase your risk for lasting heart disease or a dangerous stroke. To prevent a stroke and lower your risk for heart disease, you should balance out your diet and focus on exercise that works your cardiovascular system. For example, you can start by going on walks every day and then build up to jogging and running. This will strengthen your heart muscles.

Substance Abuse

Traditionally, people think that substance abuse is only found among those who live in a lower-class area. However, substance abuse is common among all social classes. This is because substance abuse can come in many different forms like alcoholism, prescription medication abuse, and illegal drug abuse. It becomes more of an issue when certain substances are glorified by the media and become popular with younger generations. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there are many options for professional help you can turn to. To rid your body of the chemicals that make you crave the substance, many people turn to a detoxifying approach. However, detoxing should be done under the supervision of medical professionals.


As mentioned earlier, a poor diet can lead to various health issues, including obesity. The rise in the number of obese people in the United States is often attributed the ease of processed food and fast-food restaurants. While some people are genetically predisposed to be obese, for the most part obesity is preventable. To make it simple, all you need to do is make sure you eat thoughtful portions and work out regularly. If you need help creating a diet or exercise plan, you can meet with a personal trainer, dietitian, or doctor.

By using the resources available to you, you can help create your health plan in a way that limits your risk to health issues common among Americans. Once you have a good understanding for yourself, you are able to spread your health-related knowledge to others around you and help them improve as well. This can create a better informed and more healthy community.

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