Practical Web Development Languages You Should Learn

Fortunately, there are many programs out there that help people design websites and other web content without need for proficiency in a web development language. However, better understanding how to utilize web development languages will help you modify your web page or other web content to fit your personal needs. That way, you can stay more technologically current. Here are a couple of practical web development languages that every web developer or website owner should know.


HTML is a critical building block of web development; in fact, you could say that it is the basic foundation of web development. HTML acts as the bones, or overall structure, of a web page. HTML is a development language used to code certain elements and components within a web page, such as paragraphs, headings, and images. Furthermore, HTML is used to enhance and manipulate web page components. It will be critical for you to understand the basics of HTML in order to successfully improve your skills in front-end development.


While HTML is a front-end web development language, PHP is a back-end web development language. The primary function of PHP is to administer the more dynamic elements of your website. PHP is designed to interact with databases and can be used in the web development process. Running via the server and embedded within HTML, PHP is a more user-friendly, forgiving web development language that is essential to learn if you want to build a dynamic, efficient web page—or even certain data-heavy apps or social networks.


If you tend to work with large amounts of data, SQL is a web development language that you need to learn. Furthermore, SQL can help you better tailor your web page to your customers because it is designed to assemble data across multiple databases. However, do recognize that SQL is rarely used alone. Make sure that you pair SQL with another web development language for prime efficiency and utility.

The world is becoming more and more technologically driven every year. Those who don’t keep up with technology’s demands will fall behind. Stay ahead of the game by picking up a web development language or two. Start today by experimenting with different web development languages. Try your hand at a simple website, app, or online game to learn more about HTML, PHP, SQL and other web development languages. You will not be disappointed if you just try.

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