3 Reasons Social Media May Be Bad for Our Species

If you are like most people, you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. In fact, you may have an account on each of those platforms. While social media can be a great way to connect with the world around you, it can also bring out the worst in us. What are some of the negatives associated with this type of platform? 

There’s No Accountability

When you make a statement in class or at work, everyone knows who to attribute those words to. When you make a statement online, there is no way for others to verify that you actually said it. Therefore, it presents an opportunity to post hateful or racist content that you likely wouldn’t say to friends or colleagues in the physical world. 

Furthermore, most people who post online market themselves as an authority on whatever subject they are commenting on. In many cases, they use their promotional skills to gain an audience of followers who will spread their message, no matter how crazy it may sound. 

It Rewards Negative Behavior

Social media stunts get so bad that many companies have to denounce them to protect themselves from negligence. Examples include the Bird Box challenge, and the Tide Pod challenge that saw people putting laundry detergent in their mouths. In many cases, individuals will take part in these challenges as a way to draw attention to themselves or in an attempt to be part of something. However, taking part in one of the more dangerous social media challenges could result in a trip to the hospital or other negative consequences. 

It Creates a Distorted View of Reality

Generally speaking, people only post content to their social media accounts that makes them look good. For instance, they may post a picture that has been heavily edited or makes use of filters to hide their imperfections. It also explains why people post pictures of their trips to Jamaica or their new cars. If you only look at a person’s social media posts, you may think that he or she is doing better than you socially or financially. However, the truth is that many people live a tamer existence than their social media may suggest.

While social media may be great in theory, there are many downsides to using it as well. Ideally, you will spend less time peering into the lives of other people and more time living a full life on your own terms. 

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