How Valuable Metals are Used in Medicine

Precious metals have been used for centuries in the making of jewelry and currency. As civilizations and technology have developed, the uses for precious metals have significantly increased as well. Today, valuable metals are widely used in medical situations like joint replacements, dental implants, and antibiotic treatments.

Joint Replacements

Valuable metals are frequently used to assist in joint replacements. Metals are clean and durable and have non-allergenic properties that make it safe to go inside the body. While there are different types of joint replacements, metal on plastic is the most common type. This method combines a small amount of metal to attach the plastic joint to the body. Metal on plastic is often the least expensive and has the longest track record for effectiveness and safety. In terms of durability and safety, valuable metals are the most reliable for joint replacements.


Dental Implants

For years, precious metals have been used in the dental industry. Dental implants contain precious metals that are sanitary and non-allergenic. Metals help adhere the bone of the jaw to the crown, bridge, denture, or other orthodontic procedure. In addition to getting your own work done, there is a profit to be made from selling and purchasing extra crowns. Most individuals need dental work done at some point in their life. The likelihood of using repurposed crowns or other metal parts for the health of your mouth is very high.


Antibiotic Treatments

Silver contains antibacterial properties that are effective in combating bacteria. Silver is often used in the manufacturing of antibiotic treatments, topical or otherwise to help prevent the spread of bacteria. This option is especially attractive when chemical treatments proved ineffective. Some health experts also elect to use silver hardware, like doorknobs and drawer handles, which promotes clean sanitation. Because of metal’s clean properties, equipment is often made of these valuable metals in addition to forming a paste that helps sanitize the tools.


As the medical field continues to evolve, the practical uses for valuable metals like silver, gold, cobalt, nickel, etc. will continue to impact the medical world. For example, gold nanoparticles and synthesized glycoconjugated platinum and palladium are currently being studied as viable cancer treatment options. For now, the most common uses of valuable metals in the medical world pertain to joint replacements, dental implants, and antibiotic treatments.

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