Bad Sleep Habits You Should Help Your Children Quit

It is your job as a parent to help your children grow into capable and happy adults. One big part of this is helping them to develop good sleep habits that will get them through every part of their life. Below you’ll find a few of the most troubling sleep habits that you should help your kids to overcome.

Constantly Getting Out of Bed 

If your child starts constantly getting out of bed it can develop into a bad habit that prevents them from getting enough sleep. Not only is this frustrating for you as a parent but it can also be bad for their health, especially if it is happening every night. Help your child to get in the habit of staying in bed as much as possible after bedtime. Some things that can help include making sure they take care of their pre-bed routine before laying down, and that they don’t drink too much water in the last hour or so before they go to bed. And, as Your Modern Family recommends, it’s best to stay consistent in your response: leading them back to bed every single time.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a bad habit that can affect people of all ages. And it comes with a variety of negative symptoms that can cause your child problems and disrupt their sleep. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, grinding teeth can lead to other issues like headaches, jaw soreness and tooth sensitivity. This habit can be difficult to stop if it doesn’t on its own, but one option is helping your kid to get fitted with a mouth guard to wear while they are sleeping.

Using Devices too Close to Bedtime 

Another bad habit is using electronic devices close to bedtime. These devices may seem calming but, in many cases, it can actually make it more difficult for your child to fall asleep. Taking away devices at least an hour before bedtime can help your child to get ready for bed and to prepare their brain for sleep. Caring for Kids recommends you try doing things like reading books, quietly talking, or listening to calming music instead.

Helping your child develop good sleep habits now will prepare them for a better and brighter future. It can take time and effort to set up new habits, but the results are worth it. Work with your children to help them create great sleeping habits and get the rest they need to grow stronger every day!

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