How to Overcome Your Discomfort at the Gym

No matter where you are on your physical fitness journey, it is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable at the gym. Gym anxiety is that self-conscious feeling that creeps in and vanishes all signs of confidence. You’re not alone! Below are ways you can combat discomfort felt at the gym.

Go When It’s Not Busy 

If a packed gym spikes your anxiety, try going when it is not busy. These hours will vary depending on each gym and the demographic that attends; however, they can be predictable once you have identified them. Avoiding rush hour will help weights or machines be more readily available to you so you don’t feel quite as nervous trying to seek them out. As Precor points out, off hours can also be comforting because you may feel like less people are watching. Reality is, no one is ever watching because they are too focused on themselves. Whenever works to help you feel more comfortable is when you should go. 

Try Alternative Workouts 

If you feel uncomfortable at the gym, it may be because you are doing exercises that are not best suited for your body. Try mixing it up with alternative workouts so you can find what you most enjoy. Besides, cross-training is beneficial for all athletes and individuals. Some alternative workouts you may try including yoga, dance, high-fit, and swimming. Even if you are not an expert in yoga, there are many physical benefits that can result from it. According to Beyond Yoga, a yoga instructor is the perfect resource to help you get your posture and form right. Instructors in any area can help you become more comfortable and teach you proper fitness techniques. 

Play Your Favorite Tunes 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do at the gym is tune out all the other noise. For some that might mean pumping iron to classical music, others will choose classic rock. If you want to do your workout listening to your favorite podcast, go for it! Working out is a personal activity and what you listen to is completely up to you. Whatever gets you motivated and helps you focus on yourself will be much more effective than the sounds of everyone else around you work out. 

Your fears of being judged, watched, or intimidated are not unique. They also shouldn’t ruin your fitness goals. Overcome the discomfort you feel at the gym by going when it’s not busy, trying alternative workouts, and listening to your favorite tunes. 

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