How to Get Through a Dentist Visit When You Have Bad Anxiety

Having anxiety related to going to the dentist is not uncommon, even for adults. But, you also know that you must care for your teeth, and going to see a great dentist for cleaning is like going to see a great doctor for a checkup. It’s stressful but necessary. How can you lessen your anxiety about going to see a dentist?

Let the Dentist Know

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, you’ll be surprised at the many advancements which are made specifically to help patients not be nervous. According to Stellar Kids Dentistry, a digital X-ray is more comfortable and allows you to relax more. There are better flavors of tooth polish, and even lights are more concentrated only in areas needed, not right in your face! Talk to your dentist and staff and tell them you’ve had bad experiences in the past. A good dentist and staff will go out of their way to help make sure you are comfortable. They understand, and it’s their job to make sure you feel more peaceful.

Clear Your Schedule

If you can, clear as much of your schedule around the time of the appointment. Ask for recommendations in advance for thoughtful offices. Arrive slightly early, so that you can acclimate yourself to the office and staff, and not have to be worried about being late. Have your appointment without needing to be stressed or hurried about time, so you can ask questions and discuss the care needed (if any). Afterward, treat yourself to a peaceful walk in the park, or some time doing something peace-inducing which you love.

Coping Strategies

You can use what makes you feel more peaceful, whether meditation techniques or music, to help you while in the dental chair! Gaming devices and televisions often come standard with the dental chair! Your dentist and their staff are committed to not only new techniques but also your safety and calmness. If listening to music helps you, according to Cleveland Clinic, you can listen to a podcast or playlist while in the process of cleaning, even! Whatever works!

Your teeth are a really important part of your skeleton, and the only part of it that people see daily! Taking care of your teeth is critical, both for their appearance, but also to prohibit bacterial infections from entering your body through cavities. Allow a dentist’s care to protect your smile for decades to come!

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