How to Enjoy Sugary Snacks Guilt-Free

Everybody loves sugary snacks! Not many things bring that simple pleasure quite like digging into your favorite treat. But just like every other good thing, this virtue can become a vice if enjoyed too often or without restraint. Here are a few tips to keep you loving that sugary goodness without having to worry.

Balance Them With Healthy Foods

It’s important to have moderation in all things – and especially with the health risks associated with an imbalance of sugary foods in your diet. Make sure that your sweet of choice is not something that you eat with every meal, and that when you do have it with other foods, those other foods fulfill basic nutritional requirements. It is recommended that you always include plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins in every meal. Don’t forget to drink twelve cups of water a day as well!

Brush After Eating

Another key to keeping yourself free of guilt is by basic maintenance of your dental hygiene. After every time you finish eating – and especially after eating a sugary treat – you should always take a brief minute to brush your teeth. This will remove damaging sugars that create plaque; by doing this you will avoid the deterioration of your tooth enamel. Brushing after every meal is especially important if you have braces. The goo of sugary candy, jelly, or other desserts can easily be caught and held in the small metal pieces, making the process of deterioration faster.

Share Them With a Friend

A great way to spread some joy is simply to share your favorite sugary snack with a friend or family member! Not only will you create valuable bonding time with a loved one, but you will have someone to hold you accountable for how much you consume. Think you don’t have any family or friends who would enjoy the treat that you crave? Use this as an opportunity to make a new friend by offering to share with a stranger, and then sitting down and enjoying your snack with them.

Remember, when it comes to sugary snacks, the feeling of guilt comes from the belief that you have done something bad by enjoying your favorite treat. So it is very important to maintain your physical and dental health by moderating and maintaining your eating and brushing habits. And having a loved one around to create memories won’t hurt, either!

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