How to Be More Confident About Your Smile

Smiling is essential to how people function. We can tell how someone is feeling; we can show that we care about other people; comedy was built to make people laugh and smile. Feeling down about your smile can feel isolating. Instead of frowning about it, you need to grow confidence in your pearly whites.

Practice Smiling

Feeling self-conscious is completely normal. But the best way to combat this self-doubt is through practice. A relaxed smile draws people toward you. It makes people feel calm and reassured—it can even help you feel this way. Each day (perhaps after brushing your teeth) you should look in the mirror and smile.

You may feel silly doing this, but it can help you see how positive your smile makes you. It is like positive affirmations for your mouth. People would rather see an imperfect set of teeth smiling than a frown a mile wide. Choose how you portray yourself.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you think your teeth look fairly good but want to make some changes, cosmetic dentistry could be for you. Cosmetic dentistry is like plastic surgery for your mouth. They can help you gradually restructure the way your teeth look.

There are many types of veneers that can help you achieve a better smile over time. The veneering process costs quite a bit of money (often 500 to 1000 per tooth). For example, dentists can add tooth-colored porcelain to the front of your teeth to make them whiter. You can also replace missing teeth and fill in gaps you find awkward. You have so many options in this industry.

Daily Oral Care

While medical procedures are all fine and good, continuing to treat your teeth well through daily habits is probably the best way to build confidence in your smile. While the number of times you brush your teeth throughout the week may differ, the general recommended amount is two times a day—morning and night.

Make sure you also floss to get the areas in between your teeth. Cavities often appear in these areas, and may also affect your gums too. Don’t be afraid to brush all over your mouth. Consistent effort can help your mouth look great and cared for.

You can develop confidence in your smile over time. Most of it will come through your diligent effort to take care of your oral health. You can also potentially fix problems with cosmetic dentistry if you are willing to spend the money. Smile often and be proud of what you have. You deserve to be happy!

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