Nutrients That Are Critical to Your Digestive Health

It’s good to keep up the right amount of calories for daily function, but what’s in the food powering your body makes a big difference in its long-term function. For instance, food has an especially prominent impact on your digestive health. Finding delicious foods that will boost your digestive health will help make eating a more enjoyable experience, so look for those that include the following nutrients!


Vitamins are essential for helping different parts of your body perform their specific functions. For example, vitamin B2 is very important for good digestive health. This vitamin helps keep digestive tract lining strong and helps break down foods. These two functions work to bolster your digestive health by fortifying that part of your body and making digestion more efficient. You can research what foods are high in vitamin B2 or consider taking vitamin supplements to get this vitamin.


Fiber is known to significantly improve digestive health. It is a substance that cannot be fully digested by the human body, and so helps to clean out your digestive system as it passes through. Foods commonly eaten on the go tend to be lower in fiber. This is because many of these prepared foods or meals have been highly processed, eliminating or greatly decreasing the original fiber content. Fiber is found in almost all fruits and vegetables. In place of highly processed foods, you can opt for fresh fruits or vegetables as snacks. The most fiber is often found in the skins and sturdier parts of fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids may sound initially like a bad thing, but those such as omega-3 are actually great for your health. It actually helps prevent blood clots, reduces inflammation in your arteries that can result in buildup, and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. Most often this nutrient is found in fish, so choosing this lean meat instead of red meat is a great idea to promote heart health for this reason, while it also keeps your digestive tract from slowing down. 

When you go to eat something, you might not be thinking much about your digestive health. But, hopefully, by mindfully caring for your digestive health, you won’t have to worry about digestion anymore. Stomach aches, constipation, bloating, and painful gasses can be reduced or even eliminated completely by keeping good care of your digestive health.

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