Why Men Need to Focus on Being Active as They Age

By Farzin Espahani

Everyone knows that staying active and physically fit is one of the keys to long-term health. However, that applies in particular to older men, who will face a variety of health problems if they fail to maintain an active lifestyle. Here are three particular reasons why this type of life is so important to men as they get older.

Lower Testosterone

As men get older, they report lower testosterone levels. This, in the long run, leads to a variety of physical and emotional consequences, including weight gain, increased risk of illness, and a decreased sex drive.

Some of this testosterone loss is unavoidable, but it’s not the case entirely. An active lifestyle, in conjunction with other positive health decisions, can help slow these changes and fight off the negative health outcomes associated with lower testosterone levels.

Sedentary Life Hazards

A sedentary life is associated with all sorts of negative health outcomes. This includes obesity, heart conditions, lower bone density, and more. In contrast, many older men who are active maintain better overall health, live longer, and are more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives.

It’s also worth noting that each of these lifestyle types, sedentary and active, leads to a cycle. A sedentary lifestyle can ultimately lead to confinement in bed. This lack of movement can cause rashes, eventually leading to bedsores and other physical problems. By contrast, a more active lifestyle is associated with being happier and healthier.

Longer Life

Leading an active lifestyle as opposed to a sedentary one is associated with living longer. That is because being active ensures that you get appropriate exercise and allows your body to stay physically fit, helping to keep you healthy and stave off infections or other physical problems.

Furthermore, as noted by the World Health Organization, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of death in the world, but it’s also one of the easiest to prevent. Even moderate exercise can add years to your life and dramatically enhance the quality of life for both men and women as they get older.

A variety of positive experiences are associated with a more active lifestyle. Those include increased levels of happiness, better physical fitness, enhanced resiliency when recovering from an injury or illness, and more. In short, the time and energy spent leading an active life is well worth it and should be viewed as an investment in your long-term health.

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