Why Excess Sugar is Harming Your Health

Most people are aware that sugar can be bad for them, but they don’t always know exactly why. When you understand the ways that excess sugar can impact your health, you can start making positive changes. Everything you do to improve your health will be something that makes your life better and more full.

Increases Risk of Disease

When people think about sugar intake, they don’t often consider that it can actually impact their risk for developing various diseases. One of the main reasons for this impact is that sugar can have a negative effect on your nerves and veins. In many cases this damage to your veins can lead to heart disease and other serious health issues. Minimizing your sugar intake can help you to control your health and to protect your body from damage in the future. Your doctor can help you to better understand your sugar intake and how it can affect you.

Worsens Your Depression

Sugar can also cause problems for your mental health when it is consumed in excess. Eating too much sugar can actually impact your brain chemistry which can affect your depression and other elements of your mental health. Luckily, other elements in your diet can improve your mental health. For instance, nutrients such as antioxidants can improve your depression. Paying attention to your diet can help you to manage your mental health more effectively.

It’s Bad for Oral Health

One of the biggest ways that sugar can damage your health is through your teeth. Sugar is a type of food that can create good conditions for bacterial growth. That means that when you eat an excess of sugar, the bacteria in your mouth can multiply quickly and lead to issues with your teeth and gums. It’s important to keep your mouth as free of bacteria as possible so you don’t experience issues with cavities and gingivitis. When you do eat sugar, you need to make sure to brush and floss your teeth to remove it from your mouth as quickly as possible.

You don’t have to remove sugar entirely from your diet, but you should do what you can to keep your sugar intake manageable. Doing so will improve your health and keep you feeling great. With minimal sugar you can protect your health and give your diet room for more healthful nutrients.

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