Why City Dwellers Think They Long for Rural/Suburban Communities

One of the most curious things about humans is how much they long for what they don’t have even if what they have seems desirable. The rich and famous imagine living a humbler existence, and those who live in big cities fantasize about what it’d be like if they relocated to the suburbs or a more rural environment. It might happen to them out of nowhere or be a notion that gradually takes hold. These are some reasons why people from cities might think a smaller community is better for them. 

Disillusionment with Cities

Depending on the pace of life someone is used to, living in the city could be great or terrible. Some people can come out to a big city, excited by all the people and things going on, only to find themselves quickly wiped by all that. Depression can easily strike city dwellers as they find themselves exhausted by all the stress and hostility that comes with living in an urban area. Someone who is particularly sensitive might have a hard time dealing with this environment. He or she could also feel lonely in an environment where everyone feels like a stranger. 

Unrealistic Understanding of Rural Life

The grass may be greener in rural communities compared to cities, but that’s also because there’s just more grass in general. If someone is excited about rural living and all it entails, he or she has to come to terms with the different way of life and responsibilities. People who want to own their own farm and land may not realize that ranching is incredibly dangerous and simply think it’s playing with animals. It’s quite easy for people to get the impression that they can just effortlessly transition from one lifestyle to another. However, they also have to think about things like the lack of convenience in terms of getting around. If someone’s not cut out for rural life, it’ll become apparent pretty quickly.  


The city has a reputation for much greater crime levels compared to the suburbs. Organizations, such as the news media, may play up the dangers, but many individuals live in cities without encountering any danger. This can be influenced by things like neighborhood and crime prevention awareness. However, even if the suburbs or rural communities seem safer, it doesn’t mean they’re completely free of danger. Unless you have access to the best security and greatest luxurious living amenities, there’s going to be risk no matter where you live. 

There are lots of problems with living in the city, but there are also drawbacks to the alternatives. The complicated realities of modern life mean that people need to figure out what is best for them. They should also be assessing whether they can focus on the good aspects of living in the city.

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