Why Better Sleep is Critical for Your Health

We all know sleep is important. And yet most people sacrifice quality sleep for other less important things, even though they know how important sleep is to health. This inconsistency may stem from the fact that people know that sleep is important, but not why it is important. If that is you, look no further. Here are three reasons why better sleep is critical to your health.

Improve Your Immune System

According to ResMed Australia, sleeping better helps support the healthy functioning of your immune system. When you are sleeping, your immune system secretes a protein called cytokines, which are essential in both helping you sleep and in fighting off infections and inflammation. When you aren’t sleeping enough, or well enough, then your body isn’t producing as many cytokines, which can leave you susceptible to contracting a disease or cold. Try and get a full eight hours of sleep to promote a healthy immune system.

Mental Health

If you get less sleep or worse sleep, you may notice that your mental health declines. When your body enters REM sleep, your brain is able to process emotional information and process memories from short to long term storage. Poor sleep appears to affect your brain’s ability to store positive emotional information, which can have a major effect on mental health. According to TMS Clinics of Canada, getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can improve your mental health. Make sure that you are prioritizing sleep to maximize your wellbeing.

Prevent Weight Gain

According to Harvard T. H. Chan, sleep is a major component of regulating your hunger cycles. Lack of sleep is connected to increased production of ghrelin, a hormone that sends signals to your body that it is time to eat. If that weren’t enough, lack of sleep also reduces your body’s production of lepton, the hormone that tells your brain that you are full. Having the proper balance of these hormones is essential to regulating appetite, which is why when you are sleep deprived you may notice you are snacking more and eating more. Getting a healthy amount of sleep can help you eat what your body needs and feel satisfied.

You probably don’t get enough sleep. But if you think that you can function without the healthy amount of sleep recommended, think again. Proper sleep is important for the regulation of all sorts of bodily functions. So make sure you prioritize healthy sleep to get the most out of life!

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