When to Go to the Doctor to Have Your Ears Checked

Your ears are something that often get overlooked but need to be checked if you have any suspicions that something is wrong. You should get them checked if you’re getting older, you have a ringing in your ear, or if you have any pain. These could be damaging, so you need to see a doctor.

You’re Getting Older

Your hearing declines as you age, so you should start getting your ears checked regularly after a certain age. Your declining hearing needs to be checked by a specialist, so it’s critical for you to get your ears checked during your annual physical exam. Your doctor will be able to see how much has changed within that year and give you the right treatment. This could help improve your quality of life. If you get treated for your loss of hearing, you’ll be able to have easier conversations without having to ask people to repeat themselves.

You Have Ringing in Your Ear

A ringing in the ear could be something minor, but it should be checked out if it happens consistently and/or frequently. Around 90% of those with tinnitus also experience hearing loss of some kind. The ringing could be a buildup of earwax, an ear infection, or even a side effect of your medications. It could be caused by a large number of things so you’ll need to see your doctor. A ringing in the ear needs to be checked out so that it doesn’t cause any long-lasting damage.


Pain is a pretty good indicator that you have a problem. If you have pain in or around your ears that lasts longer than a day or so, you should have your ears checked. It’s a good idea to tell your doctor exactly where the pain is coming from so they can correctly diagnose you. Pain in your ear can be something minor but could lead to something more serious. If you have pain and are worried about it, go see a doctor and have your ears checked.

You need to have your ears checked during your annual exams and should tell the doctor if you are having any issues. Get your ears checked if you’re getting older, you have a ringing in your ear, or if you are experiencing pain. These are things that need to be diagnosed so you can get some relief.

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