What You Should Do When Medications Aren’t Helping with Depression

By: Farzin Espahani

Depression is a common problem, but it can make things much more difficult. If you have depression that isn’t being helped by the medication your doctor has prescribed, it can be frustrating and sad. However, there are options beyond normal depression treatments that can help you to feel better and have seen a lot of success in the medical world.

Use Holistic Treatments

Sometimes a more holistic approach is just what you need to get your depression symptoms in check. If you have been trying the traditional medical route with little success, a more natural approach may help you to get the relief you need. There are a variety of natural supplements that are known to boost mood and improve depression symptoms, and if you haven’t tried them yet, it may be worth a try. From vitamin D to treat seasonal depression to omega fatty acids, according to Lippincott Nursing Center, dietary supplements are often great holistic ways of treating depression symptoms that can give you the relief you need.

Try Emerging Therapies

Depression is an old problem that has been around in humans for a very long time, but even still, new therapies continue to be developed. If more traditional methods haven’t worked for your depression, it may be time to try something new. Ketamine is one emerging therapy that is showing many benefits, and transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, is another really exciting new development for treating depression. According to TMS Clinics of Canada, TMS involves magnetic stimulation of the parts of your brain that control mood. With emerging therapies, depression can be treated in new ways that are more effective for some people.

Find the Right Combination

In many cases, depression cannot be treated fully with any one kind of treatment or medication. Sometimes, the best way to treat it is through the right combination of treatments that can fully meet your needs. According to Johnson & Johnson, you should talk to your doctor about a combination of treatments that might work together to help you manage your depression symptoms. They may have some good ideas that will help you get the help and treatment you need. Adding therapy to your treatment plan can be another line of defense that will give you additional tools to manage your depression.

Treating depression can be complicated. This is especially true when it is resistant to the usual treatments. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to help you find the relief you need.

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