What You Can Do to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Riding a motorcycle is empowering. It makes it easy to carry with you a vibe of control and confidence. At the same time, you also carry a sense of danger. It’s a sad fact of life that motorcycle accidents and deaths are far more likely than other automobile accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in an accident then car occupants. So how can you protect yourself while cruising on your bike? Read on for six important tips.

Pay Attention

According to Bruscato Law, because of vulnerability to the outside environment, it’s important to exercise more caution on the road when riding a motorcycle in order to prevent injury and accidents. You need to have a defensive driver mentality. That means that you need to assume that everyone around you is a bad driver. This will help you anticipate dangerous situations.

You need to pay attention, because even if the drivers around you are paying attention, they still might not see you. Motorcycles are much smaller and sometimes quieter than cars. This means that you can sit in a blind spot without being noticed at all. Even if you are in a car’s field of vision, you still might not be seen. There is a psychological phenomenon that can cause car drivers to not see you out of the corner of their eye because they don’t expect to see you.

Avoid Road Hazards

The two wheels of a motorcycle give it much more mobility than a car. But this mobility comes at a cost. The motorcycle is much less stable. That means that bumps, potholes, rocks, animals, and other road hazards are much more dangerous. Something that would just cause a bump for a car can send you flying as your motorcycle flips. You need to keep an eye out for signs of any hazards on the road and move to avoid them. Make sure that you watch the edges of the road for signs of animals or children that might suddenly dart into the road.

Perform Regular Motorcycle Maintenance

Your motorcycle is undoubtedly a fine machine. However, as Markel Insurance says, it won’t stay fine if you don’t maintain it. Motorcycles are mechanical machines. This means that it has a lot of moving parts. Wherever there are moving parts, there is friction. And wherever there is friction, there is wear. Over time, this wear will weaken parts. To avoid problems, you need to replace these parts. The last thing you want is for something to give out in a crucial moment. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended regular maintenance schedule.

Don’t Share Lanes

One of the advantages of a motorcycle is its ability to fit into small spaces. This can make it tempting to try to share lanes with other cars and motorcycles. Don’t. This is a very dangerous practice. If you are sharing a lane with a car, you are likely in its blind spot. Some cars may try to force you to share lanes. You can prevent this by staying in the middle of your lane.

Even sharing with another motorcycle is dangerous. You need the full width of the lane to avoid road hazards. If another motorcycle is next to you, your movements could endanger both of you.

Don’t Drink

This should go without saying. You shouldn’t drink when you drive a car. You definitely shouldn’t drink when driving a motorcycle. Motorcycles require the use of your inner sense of balance in order to stay up right. There is a reason that getting drunk is called getting tipsy. You don’t want to end up tipping over as you race down the streets.

Watch Your Rear

Because you are so much smaller than a car, you are much less noticeable. You would think that this wouldn’t matter when you are right in front of another car, but it does. Many car drivers will start to sneak looks at their smartphones as they approach intersections. Because of your smaller size, they will likely miss you and hit your rear. According to Motorcyclist Online, you should protect yourself by keeping an eye on your rear whenever you are at an intersection. A quick movement forward could save you from getting crushed.

Driving a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. But that danger can be mitigated if you are a safe and educated driver. Don’t take risks, you can’t afford them. Keep your head up, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted.

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