What to Look for in a Short-Term Vacation Rental

2020 has been absolutely unprecedented for stress. Your family is probably more than ready to go see something in the world besides your own four walls. You aren’t, though, comfortable day tripping through various hotel lobbies, for obvious reasons. A week-long (or longer) rental in a vacation home is a magnificent option to consider. If you’ve never done so before, this might be the time to try this new idea. Here’s how to navigate and make sure you think ahead of what your family will need.

Enough Bedrooms

Whether you are travelling by yourself or with a large family, you will have different needs for your rental. Being able to search out how many bedrooms or sleeping spaces are involved is critical to your trip planning. Some families are fine staying together in one room, or two, while others need more space to spread out. You can search specific room requirements or square footage on most rental sites, to narrow down your field of options.

Spacious Bathrooms

After a long day skiing, there is nothing like sinking into a gorgeous, large, warm bathtub…unless your rental doesn’t offer one! Only you can know which amenities are necessary for your activity. If someone in your family needs the space, for instance, for a wheelchair in a bathroom, or if your plan on having some couple’s time in a large whirlpool jacuzzi, it is your choice to see what is enjoyable for your family.

A Deck or Balcony

Especially during warm weather, having an outdoor space in which to use as a “bonus room” is a benefit. If you have a larger group, a deck has many benefits. It can be used for cooking, and as a gathering area. It can also be used as a place for quiet reflection, star gazing, or even a temporary workspace. Having the option to take some air by looking outwards from your rental, whether in mountains in the country, or at city lights, can be a soothing experience. Having an outdoor swing or hammock on a deck or in a yard goes a long way towards making a space welcoming.


In a vacation rental, whether you are relocating to temporarily be nearer to loved ones, or to hike along partially deserted beaches, you will want some options for entertainment. What your family needs will be up to you, of course. Knowing in advance whether or not your rental offers amenities is important. This could include things such as wifi, specialty rooms for movie viewing, sounds systems, et cetera. If you are close to winter slopes, the offering of passes, skis to borrow, or even ski jackets can be a wonderful bonus! Near the beach, having beach chairs or surfboards as an option is also a lovely thing.

Location, Location, Location

Other entertainment options depend upon your getting out of the house, as do food and grocery options. Especially during pandemic, it is important to think ahead as to where your rental is located. Is it fully isolated, and you will need to bring all foods in as if you are camping? Is it located near shops and supplies? What other needs will your family have during the time you are away? Even simple options which are available in your community, such as food delivery, might not be available in all rental locations. If you are dependent upon any of those things, planning ahead will save frustration later.

All the Extras

You want comfortable beds, fluffy towels, and all the options given for a comfortable stay, but there are lots of little extras that some rentals offer, which make lives better. Offering a welcome basket, travel guides of the area, and even spare chargers for those forgotten are all things a particularly good host can offer to guests to make them feel more comfortable in their temporary home. Those little things when vacationing all add up. You need a good night’s rest and fully charged devices! Having laundry machines in your vacation home will save you more trips and hassle as well.

Kitchen Options

Your temporary home should suit you, and some folks love to cook more when away from home than in it! If you plan on making some lovely dinners, having a fully stocked, home kitchen will help you to not need to carry as many bits and pans with you. Simple options like having food storage containers, salt, pepper, and basic spices in the cabinet for use, and a dishwasher and soap for easy clean-up after are all wonderful things to be offered in a rental. Things which make life in your vacation easier and more removed from the general world help immensely to redirect your mindset to your vacation itself.

Neighborhood Bonuses

Many vacation homes are part of a neighborhood grouping, and as such have added bonuses which might not be available otherwise. Slowly, these bonus options are opening up, even during pandemic, as ways of sanitizing and caring for these extras become more accessible. These can include neighborhood pools, tennis courts, parks, pool tables, and even passes to community locations such as zoos or museums.

After the frustration and stress of this past year, your family deserves to be able to look forward to some rest and relaxation in 2021! By looking ahead and booking now, you should be able to find great discounts, and the exact vacation rental which will suit your needs and those of the ones you love. With so many and varied offerings to suit many different individuals, and lifestyles, looking ahead to making sure each of your family member’s needs (and a few wants) are addressed will make it a vacation to remember with fondness. Soon you can make a big sigh of relief as the strain melts away, as you gaze into distant lights from the balcony of your vacation home, far away from the monotony of this last year.

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