What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can be so greatly misunderstood by people who have never experienced it. Misconceptions cause victims to fear more than just their abuser, they fear what other people will say or think if they reveal that they are being abused. Many victims of domestic violence suffer in silence due to how poorly many understand this nightmare.

It’s Just Physical Violence

Many people think domestic violence is only physical violations. According to Healthy Place, domestic violence can also be emotional, mental, verbal, financial, or sexual. Everything from controlling behavior such as telling their partner who they can be friends with, where they can and cannot go, and when they can and cannot leave their home to using intimidation to enforce these rules is abuse. Manipulative behavior is a form of emotional abuse. Partners who control all of the money, including the money their partner makes, is an example of financial (economic) abuse. Many fail to realize that a husband can indeed rape his wife. There are many forms of abuse. The misconception that domestic violence is only physical make victims feel as though society trivializes their abuse if they are not being physically beat.

It’s Only Between Family Members

According to Matthew V Portella, LLC, domestic violence is often thought of as just occurring between spouses and parents and children, but it is not limited to violence between members of just these relationships. Romantic relationships not united in marriage often involve domestic violence. The number of teenagers who report having been hit by a boyfriend or girlfriend is astounding. There are siblings who report having been abused by their brother or sister. Domestic violence is not limited to romantic relationships. There are situations where an aunt or an Uncle is abusing a niece or nephew. The spectrum of who can be victimized and who the abuser is in a domestic violence case is wide.

Victims Are Always Women

To believe that men do not get abused by women is definitely a misconception. There are many male victims and they suffer in silence because they are afraid of seeming weak if they say they are being victimized. The statistics say that most victims are women because many men do not report their abuse. According to the Air Force Medical Service, 25 percent of men will experience domestic violence by a partner in their lifetime. Admitting to being a victim of domestic violence can be an embarrassing topic to talk about for some men, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening to them. 

If It’s So Bad Then They Can Just Leave

No one can assess how terrifying it is to leave an abuser unless they are being abused. Quite often, a victim finally leaves when they are more scared of staying then they are of leaving. If they are a victim of economic abuse, they have no money to leave. If children are involved, they are afraid of the child(ren) being used as a pawn. It is not as simple as just deciding “Okay, I’m done. It’s time to move.” Domestic violence victims don’t move. They flee. As LoveIsRespect says, there are lots of complicated reasons why a person might stay in an abusive relationship, so leaving is not always easy.

Misconceptions of what domestic violence is, who can be a victim, and who the abusers could possibly exist because of ignorance. It is important for society as a whole to know the broad spectrum of domestic violence and the members that can be victimized and the many ways the victimization can occur. This will help people to prevent domestic violence from happening and be able to help make it stop when they see the signs.

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