Snacks That Aren’t As Healthy for Kids as You Think

You want to promote healthy habits in your child, and to make sure they are eating good nutritionally. But this can be tricky when your little one tries to live off of chicken nuggets and goldfish! Adding to that issue is that some snacks look healthy but actually aren’t very high in nutrition. What are some snacks that aren’t as healthy for kids (or you) as you thought?


Crackers look pretty benign. At least they’re not potato chips or French fries, right? However, if your standard cracker is made of white flour and sugar with some flavorings and salt, it’s just not got that punch of nutrition you want. With small people, especially those who eat fewer, wandering bites, each bite needs to be filled with those nutrients! You want whole grain crackers with low sugar content especially. Eat This Not That says to look for those which are multi-grain as well, preferably with recognizable, good ingredients like whole grain being the first in the ingredient list.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are whole grain, and often even have added multi-grains, so aren’t they fine? According to Stellar Kids, granola bars are packed with added sugar that can contribute to cavities. To fix this issue, search for granola bars that aren’t filled with corn syrup. Also look for nuts and seeds which pack in the nutrition, and some dried fruits as long as you watch that sugar content! It’s easy to make granola and even granola bars at home. You can make it a fun project with your child to mix together ingredients and have beautiful honey cinnamon granola clusters baking in the oven.


Yogurt looks healthy as well, and there are so many delicious varieties available! Unfortunately, many have as much added sugar or corn syrup as ice cream, which you already don’t give your child for breakfast. The Kitchn recommends you look for yogurt sweetened with fruit or pure honey, with no added sugar. Then, add fresh fruit, or mix in frozen blueberries for a surprise frosty treat!

What snacks you choose for your family impacts all of their health. Look for healthier options to their favorite snacks, and don’t be afraid to explore new foods with your child! Remember every food is new to them, and it takes introducing a food at least ten times until it’s ”normalized.”

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