Issues That Regular Dental Visits Can Help Catch

Your mouth requires a lot of care and maintenance to remain healthy and clean. Not only do you have to brush and floss regularly, every single day, twice a day, if possible, but you also have to go visit your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. Yes, even as an adult you have to continue to see the dentist twice a year every single year or else you leave yourself at risk of developing all sorts of issues. Here are three issues that regular dental visits can help catch before they get worse.


The first issue that regular dental visits can help catch early is cavities. Cavities are one of the most common issues that dental visits catch. Cavities are areas where bacteria have water through your enamel deep enough to cause damage to your tooth. Cavities can be painful and if left untreated will develop into tooth decay, tooth disease, and potentially gum disease. Your dentist can fill your cavities relatively painlessly and simply in a simple thirty-minute appointment and it is a simple and easy way to keep your mouth in good shape and prevent serious dental health issues from arising.

Teeth Alignment Issues

Another thing that regular dental visits can help catch early are teeth alignment issues. This is especially crucial for children and young adults who may have alignment issues develop or from birth that have yet to be corrected. Crowded teeth can lead to issues as time goes on. These teeth are more likely to collect bacteria, plaque, and food, and subsequently develop illness and disease. Catching these alignment issues early can help them before they continue moving in the wrong direction. There are many solutions for teeth alignment that can get them fixed quickly.

Gum Disease

The final issue that regular dental visits can help to catch is gum disease. There are many different types of gum disease, but they almost all result in swollen, unhealthy, gums. This can eventually translate to receding gums, and eventually tooth loss and the spread of your gum disease. Flossing is critical to prevent this from happening, and if you don’t floss every single day, this could be more critical for you.

Going to the dentist twice for a checkup and cleaning is crucial for your dental health. Even if you brush and floss regularly, your dentist can help with issues you can’t deal with alone. Your regular dentist visit can catch these three issues which require specialty care.

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