How to Rewild Your Backyard

If you want to become more environmentally conscious, one popular way is by rewilding your yard. Rewilding is the process of making your lawn more natural and accommodating to wildlife in your area. While it may seem bizarre, it can save you time and provide additional protection to your garden.

Introduce Native Plants

One way you can rewild your backyard is by planting native plants for decoration. Each region has its own beautiful shrubbery. Instead of focusing on what is popular somewhere else, you should embrace what is around you. The plants will last longer in their native climate—saving you money and promoting a natural garden.

You should figure out what plants are native to your region. Buy plants that fit in your budget or that you think look nice. If you are into the design more than the eco-friendliness, check out the latest trendy sites and make your purchase.

Use Organic Methods

Part of rewilding involves using organic methods to encourage natural growth. One way you can do this is by using non-toxic chemicals to protect your garden. For example, pesticides can also harm the honey bee population in your garden. While pesticides may protect your garden temporarily, fewer honey bees will result in a less fruitful garden. Birds may also eat weeds and grubs covered in pesticide.

You can also build habitats for the local wildlife in your area. Install a birdbath or a bird feeder. Make small habitats for insects to live. These natural areas will give your backyard a healthier ecosystem, spurring improved garden growth and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Focus on One Section

This may feel overwhelming. However, you don’t have to completely embrace an entirely wild lawn. Instead, most experts say you can have a specific plot of land for this style of lawn care. This will take pressure off yourself to take care of the entirety of your lawn and help you develop eco-friendly practices.

How do you divide up your lawn like this? Some people have decided to plant hedges to separate the yard. You can also designate a mulch area like a compost pile. These will let you decide where to focus your efforts.

Rewilding your backyard does not have to be difficult. You should focus on making your lawn care practices as natural as possible. By doing this, you are keeping your yard healthy and natural—promoting the well-being of the creatures who live there.

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