How to Make Your Diet More Environmentally Sustainable

There are a variety of ways to help the planet, but one you may be overlooking is diet modification. What you eat matters and impacts the environment. Here are some ways to make your diet more environmentally sustainable.

More Plants, Less Meat

According to Reducetarian, when humans consume less meat, it means better health for both them and the environment. Eating meat, especially pork and beef, pollutes the planet and further exacerbates climate change. It can even negatively impact our water systems.

Land has to be cleared to raise livestock, meaning trees and other plants are uprooted. The animals raised for meat consumption then create methane emissions. Our land, water and air all end up worse when there is a demand for meat.

Instead, consume fruits, veggies, nuts and grains. Even slightly cutting back on meat will have a positive impact on the planet. Every little bit helps, even if you don’t give up meat completely.

Eat Bugs

According to Insight Pest, insects have been part of the human diet for centuries, and 80% of the world’s population still eats insects today. Whether you know it or not, you likely consume bugs regularly when eating other foods. Doing it intentionally and more often can help the environment.

Insects are loaded with nutritional value. They contain calcium and protein, and knowing what insects to eat can help you when out hiking or camping. Eating bugs is much better for the environment than eating a hamburger.

Eat Leftovers

Throwing out food is a waste of money and a waste of resources. That’s why you should strive to live waste-free, especially when it comes to food. Make small portions that you and your family can actually finish, and find ways to use fruits and vegetables before they turn bad.

Bonnie Plants suggests that if you absolutely can’t finish a food and must get rid of it, see if you can compost it instead of throwing the food into the trash can. Compost helps plants grow and pulls moisture into the ground. This means less water waste, more green plant growth and your leftover food waste going to a good cause instead of the dumpster.

Those new to composting can find methods and tools online or at stores that specialize in plants or gardening. It’s a simple way to make the food you prepare good for the planet whether you eat it or not.

A few simple changes to the way you eat can help change the world. Start now and take small steps to consume a more environmentally sustainable diet.

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