Holistic Health Hacks to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Good sleep is probably the most important part of maintaining good health. With good sleep, your brain has time to rest and process information. This can help you learn new things faster and remember them longer. It also gives your body time to restore itself physically. If you’re not getting good sleep, you can experience negative mental, emotional, and physical effects. Being unable to sleep is tough. If you’re currently dealing with no sleep or poor-quality sleep, try the following.

Temperature Control

The temperature of your room can have a major impact on your sleep. It’s usually suggested that your room temperature be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s colder than that, your body is going to be expending too much energy maintaining its warmth. If it’s hotter than that, you will likely spend the night sweating. When you wake, you’ll be dehydrated and probably have a headache.

For some people, 67 degrees may seem like it is far too cold. But it’s important to remember that your body is going to cool down as you sleep. Climb in bed and wait for your covers to warm up. In a few minutes, the temperature should start to feel comfortable. It is important to remember that the recommended temperature is slightly higher for infants and small children.

Source: https://purple.com/blog/best-temperature-for-sleephttps://purple.com/blog/best-temperature-for-sleep


Taking CBD oil doesn’t generally cause drowsiness; however, it can be a side effect. Instead, CBD oil can help with sleep by increasing relaxation and reducing pain. If you have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain or anxiety, CBD oil may be the answer. CBD oil has also been shown to help individuals with REM sleep behavior disorder (sleepwalking). Of course, this effect can change from person to person, so you should know how it affects you specifically.

Source: https://www.sweetleafhempfarms.com/store/Premium-CBD-Oil-c46746404https://www.sweetleafhempfarms.com/store/Premium-CBD-Oil-c46746404


The position that you sleep in can have a lot to do with how you feel waking up. Some positions like lying on your back with your arms at your side can increase the likelihood that you’re going to snore. This not only affects your sleep but can lead to other health problems. Sleeping on your stomach may be better, but it can also lead to problems with pain in the neck and lower-back. Generally, the fetal position is considered to be one of the most comfortable and healthy positions. Switching to a new position can be very difficult at first, but the improvement in sleep quality is worth it.

Source: https://www.snorelab.com/sleeping-position-and-snoring/https://www.snorelab.com/sleeping-position-and-snoring/

Poor sleep is never something that you should just deal with. Your sleep is going to affect every area of your life. Do what it takes to get the sleep you need. If you’ve been working on it for a long time, consider seeing a sleep specialist. Sleep studies can provide valuable insights into what is causing your restlessness.

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