Can science fiction really predict the future?

By Ruben Kuiper


When people think about the future and imagine what could be possible, it is always colored and limited by the constraints of their time. Even the smartest person hundreds of years ago could not imagine the things we have now. If they in some miraculous way were able to see how we live nowadays, they would probably think that our science is essentially magic to them.

Although science fiction can set our imagination loose, it is still attached to the reality in which they were formed

And this is were science fiction steps in, the wild imagination of futuristic storytelling can turn walls into windows and puts thought outside the box. It breaks the constraints that science can set on us, but still even these science fiction shaped futures are constrained by the technologies of the reality they were written in. Take for example the amazing stories of Jules Verne, in which all the imagined technologies were still mechanical and powered by steam.

Jules Verne imagined we would shoot rocket trains to the moon


So although science fiction can certainty help in setting lose our wildest imaginations, in a certain way they are still attached to the reality in which they were formed. Want to learn more about whether or not science fiction can help shape reality’s future? Be sure to watch the video below!


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